How to be a good person Part 6:
Many London ‘Socialists’ are just frustrated capitalists

High house prices in London push young people to become frustrated with the capitalist system they often want to be part of

Socialism and support for politicians on the left is increasingly becoming the domain of the ‘liberal elite’ and its old roots in working class is being left behind. But as it does, I wonder why it seems to always be well off people in London who support socialism?

I have tended to get  annoyed at educated people who support hard left ideologies. Many seem blind to the fact that it is as harmful as hard right ideologies. I have never had much sympathy, but this is often to do with how angry, preachy and sanctimonious they can be. 

However, after watching a young woman being interviewed on This Week, I suddenly gained so much more understanding of the issue. This was an example of why it is vital to give other viewpoints a chance. To summarise, many people may be turned towards socialism not because they think it is a better system, but because they cannot make it into the capitalist system. 

She explained that many young people in London are just like her; because the house prices are so astronomically high, it is nearly impossible to get on the housing market. Very simply, without the chance to aquire ‘capital’ in the form of a house, they are shut out of the capitalist system. She explained how they would love to be a part of the system but were unable to do so. 

I had never thought of it like this before; I had always assumed that they were just well-off socialists who were guilty about their upbringing so decided to virtue-signal that they were doing something for ‘working class’ people. There will, of course, be this type of people, but to hear it explained in such a thoughtful and honest way, without any of the preachyness or self-righteousness normally associated with the London ‘liberal’ elite, was eye-opening for me. 

What do you think? 

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