How to be a good person Part 5:
Double standards plague political commentators on the right and left

Tucker Carlson has been in the US media talking about his dislike of world leaders using lockdown to hang on to power

His comments are absolutely true. It is worrying. An Economist study revealed world leaders are using the situation as a way of strengthening their grip, and that democracy took a hammering in 2021. But hold on, er, didn’t his mate Trump do exactly the same thing?  

Maybe Tucker had a severe bout of indigestion for the weeks during which Mr. Trump repeatedly claimed electoral voting fraud and refused to concede defeat in the US elections. I can only assume it was some bad beef that made him so bed-bound that he heard absolutely nothing about Trump’s encouragement for his supporters to march on the Capitol and overturn the vote. I’m struggling to think of another reason for his silence on Trump’s attempt at undermining democracy, especially as he obviously feels so strongly about it. Can you?

I am picking on Mr. Carlson, but his case is not an isolated one. Hypocrisy and an unwavering lack of self awareness is really common on both sides of the political spectrum. 

Another funny right-wing example is political commentator Ben Shapiro, an american conservative who regularly talks on college campuses across the USA; an attempt to uphold free speech in these institutions. Even though I don’t agree with some things he says, I often see eye to eye with him on other things including free speech. During a BBC interview with Andrew Neil he quickly became very defensive when facing reasonable questioning, going on to accuse his interviewer of being ‘another example of a left wing person trying to pick holes in him’. Mr. Neil replied ‘If only you knew how ridiculous that comment was!’.

Shortly after, he yanked his microphone off and walked out of the interview, evidently unused to the rigours of normal journalistic questioning. Maybe the easy-wins of angry, spotty teenagers on college campuses had lulled him into a false sense of security. Nevertheless, his double standards were blaringly obvious; here was a free speech advocate stopping an interview because he was offended by the questions given to him. Far from make him look good, it made moderates like myself think ‘what an idiot’. He just turned into another of the shouty, Owen Jones-type political figures that we always criticise the left for. 

The problem is rife on the left too. Many examples spring to mind but some of the funniest ones involve left wing quasi socialists who act the opposite to how they tell others to. For example, Diane Abbot in the UK is an experienced hypocrisy professional. I believe people pay her extraordinary hourly rates to teach them the art of deep hypocrisy. When done so skillfully it truly is a skill. She was vocal about her opposition to ‘elitist’ private schools because she found the idea that you could miss out on a good education if you couldn’t pay for it, a deeply unfair one. I totally agree with this. In a truly fair and libertarian society money would not be a barrier. 

Hold that thought. Do you think she sent her children to the local Hackney comprehensive? No, of course not, she sent them to a private school. Why should her children mix with those grubby little council estate kids. You know, the ones who come back from the summer holidays with a new second name and have nasty, little piggy eyes due to dodgy breeding. Eurgh. Come on. It’s fine talking about helping them, but it’s a step too far when little horatio has to eat his organic quinoa and gorgonzola salad in the same room as boys who can only afford umbro trainers. Who knows what kind of bad behaviours may lead him astray. Besides, he can learn all the toxic hypocrisy he needs at home, from Ms. Abbot.

I am finding political commentary increasingly depressing on either side of the spectrum. Everyone is either firmly right or left, and to gain more clicks from the blood hungry viewers, social media videos are captioned ‘lefty eviscerated’ or ‘racist destroyed’. Where are the heroes? We need a libertarian awakening in the western world to dissipate the jabbering, aggressively average, and increasingly priveliged mobs in order to show people how to conduct themselves.

What do you think? 

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