How to be a good person Part 3:
Baseless accusations of being a ‘Nazi’ should be treated the same regardless of who says it

A prominent activist escaped any punishment for calling Nigel Farage a Nazi in front of thousands on the BBC yet Soubry attacker was charged

The person who called Anna Soubry a ‘Nazi’ admitted a public order offence and was charged by the police. So why was Munroe Bergdorf not chastised for doing exactly the same?

Appearing on This Week, the political review show, Munroe Bergdorf presented a video made by her that argued Britain was an inherently racist society. When discussing the points in the studio with Andrew Neil, she said ‘Nigel Farage is a Nazi’. This is because he led a party that was opposed to the neo-liberal trading block that is the European Union. 

This sentiment is scarily prevalent in today’s society, especially among university educated young people like my friends. While not going as far as to say he is a Nazi, many ‘liberals’ fall into the common trap of believing Nigel Farage’s opposition to the institution of the EU is related to xenophobia. It isn’t.

Unlike hard right wingers, who are often very stupid and overtly bigoted, hard left wingers can go about their business in a very clever way. This is a perfect example; anyone who disagrees politically with the institution is labelled ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobic’; a common tactic used to shut down opposing opinions. 

It is worth noting that the idiot who accosted Anna Soubry did it directly to her face. Despite Munroe Bergdorf not doing it directly to Nigel Farage, her case was not even referred to the police, let alone was anything taken further. 

Why do these double standards exist? 

The answer appears to be, again, that there is a political orthodoxy quietly creeping into our society which dictates who is allowed to say certain things and who isn’t, depending on their political beliefs. In this example, a pro-Brexit supporter who was probably more right wing, was charged for saying the same thing as Ms. Bergdorf, a well known ‘liberal’ left-wing activist. 

This is very dangerous because it seems institutions in the media and education, and now the police force, are accepting, and spreading, the idea that one set of views is the ‘correct’ way of thinking. You don’t need to be the world’s greatest history scholar to comprehend that this is the terrifying road to authoritarianism, dictatorship and communism. 

Giving certain viewpoints a higher standing in a hierarchy totally undermines principles of free-speech and everything western democracy was built on. It is only when the free speech laws come back to bite you that you understand its importance. There may be people reading this who don’t understand the vital role it has played in creating a society where they are allowed to express themselves freely. This is because they have not seen the destruction caused by going to opposite way. 

What do you think? 

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Kit

    Good post

    If you’re not aware of it already, then I recommend Spiked magazine which features regular articles on the erosion of Free Speech and much else, not least Covid. All refreshingly contrary to the received wisdom spouted by the mainstream media. It sometimes strikes as just being contrarian for the sake of it because that’s what’s expected of it, but is nevertheless well worth a browse and is, at least, an antidote to the increasingly irritating BBC News and The Guardian!

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Oh no I had heard of Spiked but I’ve never actually read a single article – it does sound really interesting so thank you for that. I find the BBC and Guardian pretty awful to say the least, so it’s always good to find new outlets who don’t just act as propaganda machines for the government – who’d have thought we’d ever say that about the Guardian’s relationship with a Conservative Government… TalkRadio is the only other news outlet I know of at the moment which questions anything which is going on. Scary really when you think in a free society the ability to question and maintain healthy scepticism is the job of the media. It seems that lockdown and the government’s policy on Covid has become part of the orthodoxy. I will start reading Spiked on your recommendation!

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