Covid-19 Part 24:
You are 3x more likely to die on the roads if you are under 60 and healthy

Average suicide deaths in the UK 15 times higher than 2020 Covid-19 deaths for this demographic

In 2020 there were 388 deaths attributed to Covid-19 that affected people under the age of 60 with no existing underlying health conditions. 

How does this compare to other causes of death? Well, the average yearly number for deaths on the road is around 1,700. This is 4.6 times the number of deaths attributed to Covid-19 for healthy individuals under 60 years old. 

The average yearly number for deaths by suicides is around 5,900. This is over 15 times as high. 

These statistics should lead many to question whether restrictions on the young are needed. Has our reluctance to let the coronavirus spread through the young and healthy actually made our plight worse? If we had let the virus spread more through the rest of the healthy population, and used our resources more effectively to protect the vulnerable and elderly, then maybe we would have reached herd immunity by now? 

My prediction is that if we had allowed schools and universities to open much sooner, and lifted most restrictions on the young and healthy, it would have reduced the death toll of this inevitable second wave. Enough members of the population would have been infected with the virus to achieve herd immunity, meaning that vulnerable and elderly citizens would have much greater protection against infection.

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