Covid-19 Part 17:
A letter to our local MP

This letter is in reply to one that patronisingly assumed that everyone supported a second lockdown

Dear Matt,

Thanks for getting in touch with the update.

However I do not support the lockdown and do not believe it is a necessary step: the actual data on infections and deaths give a totally different picture from the one you refer to as fact in your email. It is also telling that the advice of the WHO is that lockdowns are not the answer and should only be used as a last resort to buy time.

I have been shocked by the flagrant attempt by the Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Medical Officer to justify a second lockdown by presenting an inaccurate graph based on data which was at least three weeks out of date. The public deserves better than this. Before the government inflicts a further punitive lockdown on a long suffering public, with all the resultant harm to other areas of health, the economy and society, we need to have clear evidence that a cost-benefit analysis including all non-covid related issues has been prepared. I would have thought that no M.P. could vote on this important issue without having seen this information? It is also deeply worrying that a range of scientific viewpoints is not being presented.

There has been an extraordinary lack of scrutiny from M.Ps of the government’s actions over the last few months. During this time the government has assumed unprecedented control over people’s lives, and this seems to have happened almost without scrutiny. Along the way the public has been alternately threatened with legal measures for ‘non compliance’ and subjected to a deliberate campaign of fear, whilst being constantly presented with new rules to follow, very few of which make sense. Above all, is there an exit strategy? If not I’m afraid we are condemned to an endless cycle of lockdowns.

If you speak tomorrow, I hope you will raise these issues and hold the government to account. Once trust has been lost, it is very difficult to get back.

Yours sincerely

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