Covid-19 Part 16:
The left are staying quiet because they see this as the demise of capitalism

As job losses mount, and the most vulnerable in society are made even more so, where are the 'Anti-Boris' protestors?

Picture this. A Boris-Johnson-led Conservative government imposes sudden restrictions which causes mass unemployment and results in the deterioration in mental and physical health of some of the most vulnerable people in the country. In any other scenario, left-wingers would be going purple with rage at the government’s actions.

So why are they silent now? As of 13th October 2020, 750,000 jobs in the UK have been lost and many millions more worldwide. 

The answer is because it suits their agenda. Governments having more of a say in its citizens’ lives is what left-wing and socialist or communist thought is based on. At the extreme end, authoritarian state-policing and restrictions on personal freedoms are the perils of this ideology.

It just surprises me that they seem to not mind who is doing it. The ‘Tories’ they had raged about before the election are now not so bad purely because they are behaving in an authoritarian manner which they like. 

The left are also very opposed to capitalism. Therefore, as the economy is virtually shut down for the second time, they stay silent. Without business and innovation, the government has had to step in with furlough schemes which subsidise workers’ wages in an unprecedented display of socialist policy. As job losses mount and times get more desperate, the opportunistic left will see it as a chance to say ‘HAH! See! Capitalism is dead’. They see it as an opportunity for socialism to be reborn after the government’s own restrictions. 

These all point towards a disturbing point. Those on the left argue that they have the moral high ground and that they are looking out for the most vulnerable in society. But when the most vulnerable in society are suffering and mass unemployment is spreading, their silence speaks volumes. It makes me wonder whether they do actually care for these people, or whether they are focused so intently on their ideological agenda that they would stop at nothing for the country to become more socialist. 

This is one of the most scary parts of far-left thought; the end often justifies the means by which it is achieved. It is not ‘compassionate’, but hypocritically it is the determination to win a political argument that drives them, while hurting those they pretend to protect. 

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