Covid-19 Part 8:
Strong evidence virus was in Europe in October 2019

Chinese cover-up means virus was around months earlier than reported

On December 27, four days before the WHO’s office in China was notified of patients in Wuhan suffering from pneumonia from an unknown cause, a man in France was admitted to hospital with trouble breathing. It is now known that he had contracted Covid-19, pushing back previous estimates of the virus’ arrival date in Europe by many weeks.

However, new evidence points to the fact that the virus reached France and other countries in Europe, at the end of October. A french olympic athlete who was competing in the World Military Games in the city fell ill and has now been told by doctors it was Covid-19. This bolstered claims by many of her teammates, and other athletes, that they contracted a mystery illness at the games, which included fevers and body aches, both known symptoms of the infection. Reports indicate that large amounts of the 10,000 strong delegation in China for the games also became ill, sometimes so severely that they missed days of training. It is entirely plausible that the coronavirus was carried around the world by the international athletes competing that week as they traveled home on October 28th. 

It was previously only thought to have been in Europe in January 2020, but it could have even reached Britain in 2019. I almost certainly contracted it in Reading at the start of February, a time when only 4 cases had been reported in the whole of the UK. I’d not been in any large gatherings anywhere near London since 2019 . I remember thinking how strange it was that my lungs felt the size of a grape after a slow jog, a feeling I haven’t experienced since being a toddler. 

Why does it matter? 

It will have led to a severe under-estimation of the amount of people infected, meaning that, as mentioned in a previous section of this review, the death rate and subsequent danger may have been grossly exaggerated. 

There is also evidence that, as a result, the numbers of people being infected peaked before lockdown measures were imposed. If true, this could render the total economic shutdown not only ineffective regarding health but also incredibly damaging on multiple levels. 

I predict that the death rate will keep on falling and will end up around 0.1% which is the same as normal flu, but by then it will be too late. Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, the media may finally latch onto the fact that a good proportion of the hysteria was not justified, and they played a huge part in scaring the population so much that now the UK is petrified of normal life.  

What do you think? Read the next installment in the Covid-19 Review here!

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