A New Dawn for Global Libertarianism

A personal message from Nick Wallen, JooMo Foundation Director & spiritual leader of the Libertarian Awakening movement:

Never underestimate the British people’s ability to stand up to bullying and do the right thing: that is the message from history, and something the establishment forgot on June 23rd.

The United Kingdom has shown the arrogant politicians, business leaders, economists and other so-called ‘experts’ that they are not prepared to be part of an insular protectionist club of wealthy nations lining the pockets of the few. Britain can now become an outward looking beacon of liberal democratic values that trades globally with EVERYONE on an equal basis, and is the first step toward a truly free democratic world where wars and conflict will be gone forever.

As for the EU: it now has 2 stark choices:

  1. Immediately become a democratic institution where all commissioners are accountable to the people of Europe, and remove all subsidies and tariffs that are wreaking poverty and suffering throughout the developed world.
  2. Alternatively, carry on as they are and witness the further rise of extreme xenophobic nationalism followed by the moral and economic decay of the whole continent.

Agree or disagree? Read more in our ‘Libertarian Awakening’ Manifesto here…

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