Libertarians should embrace BREXIT

The UK must VOTE LEAVE on 23rd June.

Top 4 reasons why…

1. Common Agricultural Policy:

An immoral restriction on global free trade that keeps the developing world in a cycle of poverty. The £49bn-a-year EU agricultural subsidy regime is one of the biggest iniquities facing farmers in Africa and other developing counties because:

  1. They cannot export their products because they compete with the lower prices made possible by payments.
  2. European countries dump thousands of tons of subsidised exports in Africa every year so that local producers cannot even compete on a level playing field in their own land.

As Claire Godfrey, trade policy adviser for Oxfam, said:

“Not only does the Common Agricultural Policy hit European shoppers in their pockets but strikes a blow against the heart of development in places like Africa.”

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2. EU Commission: 

Both unelected & unaccountable, the EU Commission is the guardian of the treaties and enforces EU law. More importantly, this means it is the Government of Europe which has the sole right to propose the laws which increasingly encroach on our lives here in Britain.

The Commission is made up of 28 unelected commissioners, who cannot be held to account, and each commissioner has a specific policy area in which to create laws.

The only democratically elected institution is the European Parliament: however, this is not a Parliament in any real sense, as they have no right to either propose laws or propose a change to existing laws. All the power is given to the Commission.

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3. The Tragedy of the Euro:

(ref. The Tragedy of the Euro by Philipp Bagus, professor of economics at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid)

The Euro is a political project; political interests have brought the European currency forwards on its grievous way and have been clashing over it as a result. And economic arguments launched to disguise the true agenda behind the Euro have failed to convince the general population of its advantages.

The Euro has succeeded in serving as a vehicle for centralisation in Europe and for the French government’s goal of establishing a European Empire under its control—curbing the influence of the German state. Monetary policy was the political means toward political union. Proponents of a socialist Europe saw the Euro as their defence against a classical liberal Europe that had been expanding in power and influence ever since the Berlin Wall came down. The single currency was seen as a step toward political integration and centralisation. The logic of interventions propelled the Eurosystem toward a political unification under a central state in Brussels. As national states are abolished, the market place of Europe becomes a new Soviet Union.

The single currency cannot work across countries with different institutions and cultures.

The Euro is not what the classical liberals had hoped for, but is instead a politically managed money that is destined for failure.

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4. The Rise of Nationalism:

With Europe in the throes of an economic crisis, resentment towards Brussels is higher than ever. Deep rooted resentment of the Euro currency and a lack of democratic legitimacy have directly led to a surge in support for extreme nationalistic anti-globalisation  political parties across Europe: from Greece to Germany and Switzerland to Sweden, far-right protestors and parties have stormed the mainstream of European politics.

For instance, in Italy the Northern League’s eccentric leader Matteo Salvini called the Euro a “crime against humanity” and French right-wing populist leader of the Front National Marine Le Pen states that ” The EU is deeply harmful, it is an anti-democratic monster”.

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The Solution…

The EU’s solution to all these problems is to ignore them and to forge ahead with deeper political and financial integration. Cassandra like, Britain’s lone voice of reason is being pushed aside and sidelined. A vote to remain in the EU will merely lead to an expansion of current failed EU policy, and the deep rooted change that is urgently required will not happen: until it’s too late!

There is only one way to make Europe wake up to the anti-liberal disaster in progress, and to avoid a return to the small minded nationalism that destroyed our continent in the 20th century: VOTE LEAVE on 23rd June.

Agree or disagree? Read more in our ‘Liberal Awakening’ manifesto here.

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