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The JooMo Foundation

The JooMo Foundation is the charitable arm of JooMo Ltd...

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The Libertarian Awakening

The Disestablishment of the Ruling Class… Read our Libertarian Awakening Manifesto…

SOS Africa

The SOS Africa Children’s Charity is a small UK based grassroots organisation which funds the education and care of underprivileged African township children. Read more…


A New Dawn for Global Liberalism

A personal message from Nick Wallen, JooMo Foundation Director & spiritual leader of the Liberal Awakening movement: Never underestimate the British people’s ability to stand up

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Liberals should embrace BREXIT

The UK must VOTE LEAVE on 23rd June. Top 4 reasons why… 1. Common Agricultural Policy: An immoral restriction on global free trade that keeps the

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Austerity? What Austerity…???

UK Debt (Source: ONS) Take a look at this infographic just released by the ONS (and featured in The Guardian). The UK now owes over £1.5 Trillion, and

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